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Design services offered by our company:

1. Design creation of the web store
Making a custom web-store design presumes constant collaboration with a client. Initially 2-3 different sketches are developed for your choice, than depending on your assuming or declining either one sketch is taken as basis for future work or other sketches are developed further. The next step is negotiation on the details of the preferable outline and proceeding until you are satisfied with the presented design.
You will get graphical prototypes of the following pages: Home, Product List, Category, Product Details and one of the Static pages as a result. This list can be extended at will.

2. Logo creation
A logo is configured in a unique way text or symbol, or a combination of these two. It makes your company recognizable from your competitors by minimal means and maximal expressiveness, while by adding visual appeal to any documents, business cards, labels, websites and advertising it remains in mind of your customers.
As a result you will get:
1. Raster image of the logo (to be used in World Wide Web).
2. Vector file of the logo (it can be either modified at your will without deterioration of the image or used in polygraphy).

3. Flash animation design and flash programming
There are more and more sites enriched with multimedia in contemporary Internet. Although using flash elements is rather arguable. You should avoid overloading your store with them but still several moving stylish images of small size and high end graphics may attract additional attention of your customers, adorn your store and serve a symbol of companies aspiration to be aware of up to date technologies. We can offer you creation of flash animation either on your story and initial graphics or developing the both at our Design department. You can also order flash programming and we will add new flash functionality to your site such as different effects of images, zooms, flash games, etc.
You will get a new flash element or functionality in your site as a result.

4. Web graphics creation (banners, icons, illustrations, back textures, etc.)
A banner is a main advertising vehicle on the Internet and it really can increase visiting rates of your site. We offer you creation of static, ani-gif and flash banners. You also can order icon creation, i.e. developing small images for different elements of your site, elaborating illustrations, back textures, collages and other web graphics.
You will get a web graphics for your store as a result.

5. Integration Shopping Cart Solutions with developed design onto your existing website
If you already have a web-site or developed design we can offer you to integrate your shopping cart with it, so your store will not seem an alien element but will contain all the design details peculiar to your site. Design integration will make no changes to the software as well as navigation logic but will only modify the customer front-end.
We also can develop extra features and integrate them to your shopping cart such as different layouts for categories or random flash and images to the home page, etc.
We can offer you as well to copy the content from your site to your shopping cart.
You will get a store with your unique design as a result.

If you have other ideas on how to enrich your store visually and you could not find them in the list above, we will be happy to help you and fulfill them!

Design service rates

Service Price
Design creation of the web store USD 55.00/hour
Logo creation USD 45.00/hour
Banner creation (static, ani-gif, flash) USD 35.00/hour
Flash animation design USD 65.00/hour
Integration of the developed design with shopping cart solution onto the existing website (customer front-end only) USD 45.00/hour
Copying the content from static pages USD 150.00/per
1000 products
Integration of existing design sample (customer front-end only) USD 55.00/hour





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